Symbiotic Publishing Company Breaks the Glass Ceiling

    Symbiotic Publishing Company is proud to announce that Beaufort County Now, the Beaufort County franchised online news and information platform, has broken the 40,000 hits per day ceiling for the month of October. Beaufort County Now has been a viable website for 13 months, and is powered by Symbiotic Network's Symbiotic Publisher script.

    BCN publisher, and President of Symbiotic Networks, Inc., Stan Deatherage (me) offered, "I credit the distinctive nature of our subject matter that interests our staff and obviously, our readers, and also our unique, innovative script that is so very responsive to the search engines. It is my estimation that we get a good bit of our traffic from search."

    David Winstead, Symbiotic Networks lead programmer, remarked, "we built our publisher script to enhance every composition's meta tags to exponential levels. In other words, the search engines see the frame of our script, and how it works for us, and as far as they are concerned, it works quite well."

    Deatherage mused, "Yeah, we're just one big happy family: You, me and Google." Stan continued, "In all seriousness, I know we are not number one in this region in traffic just yet, but I am almost certain that we are at, or near the top spot of all websites in this region in terms of search, and that will help us promote the area, and the products of other businesses serious about promotion."

    Deatherage closed by stating, "It remains to be seen if we can continue at this pace. I will keep all interested parties well informed as we continue forward in our ever evolving cyberspace."

    Shown here below are our statistics exhibiting our growth as a Beaufort County media concern.
       Six month evaluation of traffic:

       Monthly evaluation of October's traffic:

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