School board changes its personnel practices

    The Beaufort County Board of Education, meeting in its regular monthly meeting Monday night (11-22-10) announced a change in its practice of releasing personnel information to the public. Previously the "personnel list" (those hired, transferred, resignations etc.) was furnished to the public the following month after the minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The announcement also included the fact that the board will now begin to release directory information on student transfers also. The Beaufort Observer had made a request that these practices be reviewed.

    The new practice will be, apparently, to "release the information as soon after it is approved as reasonably possible" according to the explanation offered by Superintendent Don Phipps.

    Here is the announcement:

    You will note in the video that Chairman Robert Belcher appears to be saying that the Personnel Committee (half the board members which meets between full board meetings to review the Superintendent's personnel recommendations) will no longer vote on the recommended list but the only vote that will take place will be by the full board at the regular (or special) meeting of all of the board members. Confidential personnel information will still be retained in the pre or post-employment file of each employee and not released to the public.

    The Observer still has concerns about this practice but will refrain from reporting on these concerns until they are conveyed to the Superintendent and he and the board have an opportunity to respond.

    Click here to view the personnel list that was supplied after it was approved Monday night.

    Check back later for other news from the meeting.

    Delma Blinson writes the "Teacher's Desk" column for our friend in the local publishing business: The Beaufort Observer. His concentration is in the area of his expertise - the education of our youth. He is a former teacher, principal, superintendent and university professor.

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